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Get started with a Free Virtual Consult Application

An affordable option to stay connected and serve your patients. Virtual Consult Now is committed to helping you succeed during these challenging times.

Simple, Reliable and Affordable.

The Virtual Consult Web Application was designed to meet the needs of dentists and physicians looking into staying connected and serving their patients in an unprecedented way. Times have changed and we need to adapt to the new normal.

Connect with Patients in 3 Easy Steps!

1) Your patient uploads photos and information using your own personal landing page created by Virtual Consult Now
2) Patient's information is automatically sent to to an email organized and ready for you to easily respond.
3) Respond directly from your email when you are ready.

Additional Features

Calendly® Integration, Text Reminders, Stripe® Payment Integration, Orthodontic and Smile Virtual Consults Available, Zoom and Doxy.me

Hello, my name is Sal Taiym. I’m a pediatric dentist practicing in the Dallas area. I have created Virtual Consult Now in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I want to thank everyone for all the kind words and the tremendous demand. Due to the increased demand and the need for more customized features, I have created some more options. My goal is to give dentists and physicians the ability to use a simple, reliable, and affordable virtual consult web application tool.




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